Sunday, March 15, 2015

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Sunday - Mother's Day (UK)

As it's Mothering Sunday - I thought I would take a step back from my general narcissistic mutterings and focus on my mum :)

So here's my top 5 reasons why my mum is so damn awesome :)

- number 5 -

She doesn't mind making a fool of herself and is up for a laugh :)

 - number 4 -

Even though she's terrified of water and swimming or rather drowning - she stepped up and volunteered to take part in the Backlot tour at Disneyworld. The show involved her having around 80,000 gallons of water dumped on her :)

- number 3 -

She's an animal lover - like me - this is a picture of her with her dog Schwartz - sadly Schwartzy had to be put to sleep last year at age 21 - she was broken by it

- number 2 -

She loves food and trying new things - like these HUGE donuts in Camden

- number 1 -

We always have fun and she makes the most of a bad situation - it poured and poured on our holidays last year but that didnt stop us going out and enjoying each and every day - even if the rain water was so bad it was sloshing around our ankles!!!!

I'm happy, grateful, thankful and positive that my mum is awesome :D

Happy Mother's Day Mum

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