Wednesday, April 1, 2015

+ 365 Day 88 & 89

Monday - Day 88

Today I spent the day with family - sorting out my aunties paperwork and the playing with my little niece :)

Today wasn't as bad as I expected I think we have all accepted things so its a case of getting on with it now.

Todays positive is how well my niece's speech is coming on - she has low tone so her gross motor skills are pretty delayed but her speech? cant shut her up :D proud aunty

We also popped into our newly refurbished local carvery for dinner with my uncle. It was really nice looks good inside and the food was delicious :)

Tuesday - Day 89

My car went in for its MOT and it passed - thank god! Okay so I totally forgot about my MOT - in my head it was due in May but I couldn't find my old cert. Anyways I checked online and it was due end of Feb whoops!

So I called my local garage and he was able to fit me in and do the MOT - the car passed but with 3 tires flagged as an advisory.

Totally relieved as I spent all my spare cash this month already on the holiday and bills!

Today's positive - short and sweet - being able to afford the MOT and the car passing yay!

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