Thursday, April 30, 2015

+ 365 Day 114

Day 114 - Saturday

So I recently won an overnight stay at Premier Inn in Milton Keynes plus a family ticket to go to the St George's Day Festival at Wrest Park.

Me, my mum and my niece were all super excited to go but we didn't leave until quite late as Lizzie had tickets to go and see the rugby (Cardiff lost :( )

Whilst she was watching the rugby me and mum went for lunch at out fave indian, sorted out the animals and packed up snacks and drinks in the car.

We dropped Jac after to my aunty Kath, fed the cats super early and filled several large bowls with water and biscuits (and my uncle was going to be checking on them on Sunday so it was like 10 hours they were left for!) and then set off around 4.30ish

Now the furthest and longest I have driven for is only 2 and a bit hours down to my dads - scheduling in a break I reckoned we could do Milton Keynes in around 3 1/2 hours.

30 minutes into the drive my niece needed a wee, 30 minutes later my mum needed a wee, 45 minutes later my niece needed to go again, then we hit the road works - narrow lanes and 50 mph down to 30 mph, then more needs to stop and wee, then the M1 the ring road from HELL!!!

We finally rocked up at the hotel at 8pm so right on my target although if we hadnt stopped about 6 times I reckon I could have done it in 2 1/2 hours.

Anyways paid for parking and went to reception to be told sorry I cant find you on the system. Erm What?!?!?! okay let's try my dodgy FB id - nope still not on the system - at this point I developed a slight heart tremor - showed my phone with the FB message saying I had won - tried the reservation number nope still not showing. Receptionist knows NOTHING about our booking. She calls the manager who also doesn't know.

Panicking I check out the t/c's of the comp and notice the hotel is by a lake with a different name - I nonchalantly ask um this is the premier inn willen lake right? I dont suppose there is another premier inn nearby at something called furzton lakes?

They called the other premier inn and yeah I had brought us to the wrong one!!! Apparently Milton Keynes has like 4 premier inns 3 of which are next to lakes!!!Really should have read the small print properly instead of just scanning it oopsie.

Another 15 minute drive later and we arrived at the right premier inn. As Lizzie is disabled and we had the blue badge I rocked straight into the disabled parking bay which was good as it was now chucking it down.

Checked in and went to our room which was actually really nice

(read my tripadvisor report here)

The beds were super comfy and literally as soon as we hit the pillow we were asleep :)

Today's positive a super nights sleep

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