Wednesday, April 22, 2015

+ 365 Days 108, 109, 110 & 111

I'm behind on the blog this week - I have absolutely no good reason other than I am really tired at the moment - I'm up for work at 630am - I get home around 4.30pm check my emails etc then go for a nap around 5pm then sleep til around 9pm back up for a couple of hours and in bed usually by midnight/1am - this is not a sustainable routine eek

Day 108 - Sunday

I took my sister and niece home - when we got there she had a letter from Cardiff confirming she has an appointment / interview for social housing and another massive form to fill in (well for me to fill in my sis isnt very good with writing and forms)

Thats good though - we are getting somewhere slowly

So that's todays positive - short really but we didnt do anything else

Day 109 - Monday

Work - enough said

Weighed in at work and despite eating nothing but rubbish and not doing one iota of exercise my weight has remained the same - woohoo

Today was a good comp day for me - I won:
Crabtree & Evelyn Hand cream for my mum
Webbox dog treats for Jac
A signed movie poster for me
A family ticket to go to the St Georges Day festival this weekend plus over night stay at premier inn :) for me my mum and my niece

That's pretty awesome right?

Today's positive is remaining the same weight in view of how awful I have been diet wise!

Day 110 - Tuesday

Got my annual leave signed off yay - taking the friday's before the bank holidays off so I have a mega long weekend - 4 day weeks suit me fine :D

Today was also the most magical day of the month - PAYDAY!!!

Today's positive planned time off - its lovely to have something to look forward too each month - I'm planning a visit to west wales to see my dad over one of the long weekends and sleeping for the other :D

Day 111 - Wednesday

Humpday - sliding down towards the weekend now

Today started terribly - I once again managed to not close the door properly in the car - this morning got up to a dead battery. Had to get the bus to work which meant I had to go to the shop to get change to get the bus and I was late for work ack

I also had to get the bus home which sucked. I am a bus snob I hate the fact on the bus you end up sitting by people you would normally avoid - smelly people, dirty people, people who are just shit bat crazy! I was wedged in by an extra large smelly person who as well as a delightful stench of body odour also stank of stale cigarette smoke - it was a delightful journey

However I got home and my sisters partner (my other sister not the one moving) had been round and jump started the car and it's fine now

Today's positive is having my car I love it - I love the freedom and I love not having to rely on other people or public transport for lifts.

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