Wednesday, April 1, 2015

+ 365 Day 90 - APRIL


Pinch punch first of the month no returns :P

I love the school holidays - I can get to work and home in like 10 minutes which is amazing! Also work isn't so busy so I can catch up on stuff and do all the little tasks that I haven't been doing as been so busy rest of the time.

Today was a good day in work there was only a couple of us in which meant I got shed loads done :)

I am a tad of a perfectionist in work I don't like things being done half assed but a lot of the time I just dont have enough time to get everything done as well as I would like.

So today was a good day for that.

Although the cleaner keeps moving my stuff on my desk which is annoying. Everything has it's space and she had my stampers in the wrong order - I like them lined in size - large (date) medium (address) small (private and confidential) but she jumbles them up. She also moved my stapler from the one side of my cellotape to the other and moved my phone. I'm not sure why she is moving my stuff around but she needs to stop maybe I'll leave her a note! She forgot to put a bin liner in my bin too so I had to use a clear shredding bag - as I work in a hospital the colour of bags is important. She also moved my keyboard and mouse!

So anyways went off tangent then with the whole cleaner thing (so gonna get that sorted)

I came home to find I had a couple of parcels :) 1 was a cat nip egg for my kitties which they were delighted with

As you can see the kitties are loving their egg :) Thanks to the people @purrboxes on twitter for it :)

Happy Cats = Happy ME

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