Saturday, April 11, 2015

+ 365 DAY 100 !!!!

Saturday - Day 100

Kinda feel like I should have some big exploding banners and stuff - I made to day 100 - damn that's a great achievement for me :)

So I forgot to say yesterday that I got my new glasses - I won a £100 gift voucher to use with a local options so went for some funky new specs - wearing glasses everyday I like to have nice ones and I think these are pretty cool

Today my dad arrived - he had to come down today in order to make my aunt's funeral on Monday due to the way buses ad that work although he could have ridden his motorbike down but I think as he's getting on a bit he doesn't really enjoy biking as much esp when the weather is so unpredictable.

We went out for dinner at our fave all you can eat Indian - the Kismet - I managed to be restrained for the first time ever and came away feeling full but not OMG I need to curl up in a ball and hibernate whilst I digest type full.

Got some prizes and freebies in the post today which was cool.

Saturday is bedding day so I stripped the bed and put fresh on mmm fresh bedding.

Also discovered LeoCat peeing on my stuff which I left on the floor (never leave anything on the floor!!) I was super mad at him so put his nose in it - whilst I am holding him upside down yelling LadyCat comes from nowhere and bites him on his for want of a better word NUTS!!! Leo went ballistic which I can hardly blame him for and scrammed the crap outta me - Lady went in for another bite and all hell broke loose. Sadly I was too busy weeing myself with laughter to tell Lady off. Oh well serves Leo right for peeing next to her food bowl!!! That kinda cleared my bad mood although I then had to clean up my room which involved me also spraying disinfectant all over the floor and mopping it up. Gonna have to steam clean when I get time.

I also got some more pretty ribbon and butterflies to do my furniture make over - I just wanna make it look less Ikea and more me :)

I also did a load of washing and dried it on the line - love the smell of clothes and stuff coming in off the line smells so much nicer than from the tumbler. Little things and all that :)

So today lots of little things made me happy and cheery and positive :) And I am super happy I made it to 100 days - only another 265 to go phew

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