Saturday, April 18, 2015

+ 365 Day 106 & 107

Day 106 - Friday

So today I woke up with a stonking headache - literally it felt like someone had taken a hammer to my head - I knew that was a bad sign and sure enough when I got up it was 'that time' of the month which put me in a foul mood and made me crave carbs in a big way.

Being in a grump and still with a banging head work was difficult - I dont think people appreciate how noisy an office can be especially one in a children's centre:

- phones ringing continually not just in my office but in the offices either side
- people talking
- the shredder running
- families waiting to be seen yakking
- children playing
- breast feeding clinic (screaming babies)
- grass cutters
- cars and sirens from main road outside

normally I can filter all this out and it doesnt bother me (with the exception of the screaming babies they cut right through me and I have to work with the door closed to block them out) however with a headache its like all these sounds are amplified and personally being aimed at me.

and did I mention how HOT our office is? no? well its roasting - we are upstairs and heat rises they have the heating on still for the old people down stairs!!! We have a tiny window which opens onto a quadrant of walls so no air comes through and the door opens onto a narrow corridor so no air from there either add in the office equipment and people and it gets hot hot HOT

so work was miserable

and my sister and niece came in the evening - remember the bit about babies crying? my niece is like 20 months now and she babbles oh boy does she babble! when shes not babbling shes crying loudly

however the positive is we all took a nap and when I woke up the headache had gone yay so we played a bit and watched some tv and chilled :D

Day 107 Saturday

My sis didnt bring a car seat with her so today I posted on freebies about needing one and a lovely lady offered me one which I collected. It was pretty dirty which she had told me it would be so I stripped it down, covered went in the wash and rest of it was detol'd and then steam cleaned with zoflora, wiped down and steam cleaned again for good measure - managed to put all the covers back on and now we have a nice clean car seat to use. We are gonna keep this one here as my sis doesnt actually drive so bringing one down with her on the train plus the stroller and the bag and the baby is a bit much.

We played in the park and had fish and chips and generally relaxed and enjoyed the sun.

Todays positive is kindness from strangers. Because the kind person gave me her car seat (which she could have cleaned and sold - I checked it out on the webbie and this model is still selling second hand for £15-30!) it means tomorrow we can go to Roath Park and feed the ducks at the lake :)

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