Friday, April 24, 2015

+ 365 Days 112 & 113

Day 112 - Thursday

I've had really bad ear ache all day so everything's been kind of blurred for me.

Today's positive was receiving 2 dvds I won in the post yay - one for me - the first season of Silicon Valley :) and one for my niece and nephew - Ribbit a kiddies cartoon one (which I'll end up watching with them lol)

Also won a fish slice on twitter which my dad has claimed even though its not here yet

That's it really

Day 113 - TGIF :)

Still have ear ache and its progressed up towards the ear entry - deffo another infection but I have a GP appt on 7th to look at the lump and they can check out my poorly ears then

Everyone was in a foul mood in work today - lot of stressed and grumpy people but I got through loads so am happy with that.

Today's positive is another comp related one - got an e-mail to say I had won 2 tickets to go see the Sound Of Music - this used to be my all time fave film as a kid - literally we went through like 5 videos of it cos I watched it so much the tape warped - I am word perfect on the film even now. EEEE I'm excited to go see it - hoping to get tickets to the Bristol Hippodrome as the Cardiff showing has passed already.

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