Thursday, April 9, 2015

+ 365 Day 98


So today didn't start brilliantly for me. Last night I got a bit upset about my aunty and had a bit of a cry in bed so I woke up with a pounding head and gritty eyes and basically feeling like crap. This is why I don't do the whole getting emotional and crying thing - for some people it provides relief for me it provides a bad head and a bad mood!

After dragging myself to work I was still feeling pretty grim. When I got into work I literally had liked 50+ notifications on my phone from FB I was like WTF is going on has someone else died? But no it was good news. I had somehow managed to win 3 FB competitions and all the kind people in the various comping groups were going mad tagging me and notifying me of my wins so that I could claim them. It's super kind of them to do that because not all pages tag you or message you when you win so people tagging you is kinda the only way you find out especially if you enter loads of comps.

So I perked up a bit when I saw I had some wins :) I won an amazing Guinness hamper, some treats for my kitties (happy kitties happy me) and some samples from a healthy food page. Anyways as shallow as it sounds that really cheered me up - food always does!

Then at lunch time we discovered this little cafe tucked away down one of the side streets by work that we hadn't noticed before which did amazing baguettes - huge filled to the brim baguettes - delicious

When I cam home I had the "tickets" I had won to see Fast n Furious in IMAX - except cos my local IMAX is an Odeon they just sent me an Odeon gift card. I checked it out and its got £40 on it! so I can either go and see 1 film in IMAX with a mate or I can go and see liked 3 films in regular viewing whoot.

So my positive for today was having all my fb friends - I might not know them offline but online they make FB a happy place for me :)

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