Monday, April 13, 2015

+ 365 Days 101 & 102

Day 101 - Sunday

Today I got up at the crack of dawn! Well 7am which is pretty damn early! To go down to a local car booty to have a look around and well despite checking every single stall I didn't find a single thing to buy :( Then I headed to ikea and got a couple of frames. One for my Lucille Ball metal picture and one for a cute hand cut cut of giraffes I won in an fb comp a while ago.

I got the frames I wanted and an icecream as a treat too.

I then spent a couple of hours prettifying my chest of drawers :) (excuse the mess in the drawers!)

I used 3 rolls of ribbon and 3 packs of butterflies and think it looks pretty cool - it cost like under £6 so pretty cheap

I also framed the giraffe cut - the lady sent me a coupe of different backing sheets to use with it and in the end I decided to use 2 of the sheets to get a different effect. I am really pleased with it - just need to find somewhere to hang it now :)

So today has been a good day and my positive is enjoying myself updating boring furniture to match my style for a really cheap price :D and now my drawers look unique and cool - just like me haha

Day 102 - Monday

Today was my aunties funeral. It hasnt been a good day. The funeral was not very good the preacher guy got all the details of my aunties life wrong including her birthday - that made me sad - my aunty deserved to have an amazing funeral to celebrate her life. I cried a bit.

After the funeral we decided to skip the wake at the pub organised by her husband - we dont like him and have no intention of keeping in touch. Instead we went to a lovely Toby carvery and had a fantastic meal with dessert and unlimited soft drinks for like £10 each.

We then sat in the sun and talked about aunty chris - this felt like a much more fitting send off for her.

When we came home an old couple my mum and family has known for years called round. They are a lovely couple who have kids of a similar age to me and my sisters. They are not the best educated, the brightest etc but they are a lovely couple - they may have problems with things like writing and grammar but the sentiment and thought behind their card and visit came through.

Today's positive is a bit of a double edged sword in that I guess it could be a negative too - for me the positive is I no longer have to make an effort to see or visit Paul my aunt's widow, I dont have to be polite to him or listen to him talking about himself or ever see him again. I am happy about this - I find it difficult to be pleasant and polite to people I dont like and I have nothing but disgust for this man so yes I am happy I dont have to see him or spend any more time with him.

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