Wednesday, April 15, 2015

+365 Days 103 & 104

Day 103 - Tuesday

Today was a bad day in work - everything that could go wrong went wrong. So I had a slight paddy - spat my dummy out and had a giant hissy fit. It went down very well in the office. I dont normally lose it so I think everyone was pretty shocked by it - I am normally grumpy and stoic so my being grouchy didnt shock them but losing my temper did - sorry guys

Anyways the positive to come out of this was the managers decided to actually take on board what I said - apologised to me and actually thanked me for all my work. Outcome is they had an emergency meeting and resolved a lot of issues and ones they couldnt resolve they are going to look into at the next meeting friday

Day 104 - Wednesday

Work was a lot better today - managed to get most stuff I needed done which cheered me up. Also a  couple of my fave colleagues who only work part time were in so it made the office environment nicer and more cheery. It's crazy when the mood of your colleagues can determine if you are going to have a good or a bad day.

Also today I came home to a couple of wins arriving - yay! some lick-e-lix for the kitties (video to follow as the nest not stable enough to upload), my sandals from wallis which are just sparkly goodness and my chocolate lovers box NOM

What made me happy today?

- happy colleagues
- happy kitties
- sparkly sandals
- lots and lots of chocolate :)

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