Wednesday, April 8, 2015

+ 365 Days 94, 95, 96 & 97

So I am a bit behind with my blog - oops my bad - have had some issues with the laptop the cats kindly booted it to the floor and the pin in the charger snapped so when the battery went I couldn't recharge it - happily I was able to order a replacement from ebay which arrived today and I am now back on the laptop (can't blog from my phone I have fat finger syndrome and hit all the wrong buttons when I type!)


Day 94 - Easter Sunday

Today I went to see my sister. The whole purpose of the visit (apart from giving my lovely little niece and not so lovely large nephew their easter gifts) was to complete some housing request forms with her. My sister has diagnosed learning difficulties as well as an adult form of ADHD, she suffers with depression and anxiety and has a spastic bladder (she gets botox on it) IBS and an ulcer. So it's safe to say anything that increases her stress levels really has a negative impact on her emotional (obviously) and physical well being. Losing my aunty who has been her support for the last 20+ years and who has been more like a mother than an aunty to her was a terrible thing. However for my sister the worse has been coming from my aunty's husband.

My sister currently lives in my aunties house. My aunty and her hubby lived next door (he still does). My sisters rent is paid via her benefits and having my aunty next door meant she had reliable support to help her with day to day stuff like managing her finances, cooking and cleaning etc.

Sadly since my aunty was ill and has now died the house has passed to her hubby. He is not supportive in fact I would go so far as to say he is a vindictive nasty mean minded little man who is slowly killing himself with alcohol. Since my aunty has been ill and in the coma he started to threaten my sister with eviction - which has caused her huge amounts of stress especially as she was upset and worried about my aunty. Since my aunty has died he has made it his mission to cause her as much stress as possible. As my blog is about positivity I am not going to list them here but needless to say its been causing a huge upset. I spoke to my sister the last week I was there and persuaded her it was time for her to move away. I know she has many fond memories in the house and she has a good friend who lives nearby but she cant continue to live in fear like she is.

I agreed to bring the housing forms for Cardiff to her so we could get her on the housing list in Cardiff. If she moves back here then she will have me, my mum, my other sister and our various uncles who all live here an nearby to help support her.

So I completed the forms with her and my nephew who also had to sign them (he is registered disabled but over 18). I am relieved to get them completed I know the move wont be instantaneous but at least its going to help her in the long term. I also took some advice form a friend of mine who works for women's aid with regards to the form and because of my sis diagnosis and that she has a small child she said it's highly likely she will get a high priority for social housing. So thats really positive - although I dont fancy extra baby sitting duties!!

Day 95 - Easter Monday

Well we were up at stupid O'clock today so we could go have a look at the local car booty. We took the dog and my niece with us but didnt really find anything to buy - form the booty we headed out to Cosmeston Lake in Penarth and took the dog for a nice long walk and had a picnic in the glorious sunshine :) It was beautiful and really relaxing and Jac loved every minute of it - he met his first ever swan which was funny as the swan as twice the size of him!!!!

After that I dropped my niece home and we came home and chilled until I had to go collect my dad at 8pm as he was back from his trip. He had brought me a stack of Belgium chocolate - I have to admit I am starting to feel a bit chocolated out here (I've got easter eggs, I've belgium chocolate, I've regular chocolate and I just won a chocolate hamper too!!!!)

After I picked him up we chatted and watched some tv and that's about it.

It was lovely today to be out in the fresh air and relax. The whole day was pretty good the weather was fab and everyone enjoyed themselves :)

Day 96 - Tuesday

Today was back to reality and back to work - I can't really remember much about work other than it seemed to drag a lot - probably because the office was super super quiet and I had the mind numbing job of sending out standard letters which require little to no thought!

After work I called in to see someone who was getting rid of some magnolia paint on freecycle which she said I could have as i need to do my room. When I got there she also had a box full of random ornaments for me to sell for the kitty people. I lvoe how kind people are - she didnt need to give me the paint and she certainly didnt need to give me a donation for the kitties but she did and I already sold 5 items making £12 - may not sound much but that's 3 kitties treated for worms or a months supply of food for one cat.

When I got home my free bar of dairy milk had arrived woohoo that I won on FB (yet more chocolate - seriously need to start entering comps for salads or something right now!!!!)

Anyways I managed to kill my car by leaving a door open transferring the stuff into the flat. Had to call RAC out at like 10pm when I realised and they told me the battery was gone - but they were wrong it was just flat - after jump starting it and leaving it run for 10 mins plus a quick 15 minute race up the a470 and back battery was fine and I didn't have to fork out £80! whoot. Oh and I won some IMAX tickets too so yeah a pretty good day :)

Anyways today's positive is freecycle - seriously I love it I get loads of stuff for kitty rescue from there and I give loads away on there :) its win win

Day 97 - Wednesday

Today was another sunny glorious day in Wales :) work was same as always. I weighed myself and I am surprised that I haven't but any weight on - of course I haven't lost any either! So I need to buck up my ideas and  get back on the healthy eating and living train as the last few weeks have been pretty bad. I have decided this week and next week I am going to eat and drink what I like. My auntie's funeral is on Monday and we have family coming down so plenty of meals out and stuff so it's pointless me saying I am going to be good then when I know I wont. I am also going to join a gym I think the exercise classes were fun but they keep changing the time and the length of them and I need my routine (slight ocd tendencies) and also I think if I am paying for the gym I will use it just to get my monies worth! Need to investigate a few - the one I used to go to is really nice but there's one nearer to my house so it just depends on the cost really.

I went to costco today on my lunch break - I love it but I spend way too much money there! and OMG had the chilli cheese hot dog from their cafe - £2 for a beef hot dog and it was massive and smothered in chilli and cheese plus you get a free drink with free refills total bargain! I didn't buy much actual stuff in there just 72 cans of pepsi max and a pack of cat food still cheaper than super markets.

After work I met my mam at the vets as Jac had to have his flea and worm treatment and check up and then came home - car's running fine by the way battery is charged and all good still :)

That's about it - came home had a nap, watched tv, did some comping etc etc

Today's positive - saving money - I saved like £12 on the cat food and pepsi compared to buying it elsewhere :)

And phew I am up to date! No pictures because blogger doesn't want to upload any which is a shame as I had a super cute one of Jac running in the park to put on - maybe tomorrow it will work

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