Thursday, April 2, 2015

+ 365 Day 91


Today is a good day - today is the last day of work before a 4 day weekend. Seriously is there any other need for a reason to be positive than that?

Well okay there is a whole host of things to be positive about today :)

- 4 day weekend woohoo
-  Lindt easter egg prize arrived - egg and 2 bunnies - triple woohoo
- Jar of strawberry preserve arrived - I love the jar its so damn cute and I bet the reserve is tasty too it looks it!
- ate at a new italian place for lunch - food was so amazing and so filling (I did pig out!) that I actually didnt bother with tea!
- got my winnings through from online bingo - only £50 but that pretty much covers the cost of the MOT kerching!
- I won WallisWednesday over on twitter and am getting a pair of green sparkly blinged leather sandals sent to me - bring on the summer - gonna have to get some matching nail varnish now!

No pics as its like midnight (so technically tomorrow) and I have to be up at 4am to take my dad to catch his coach he's off to brussels or some place for an easter break. I'll add the pics of the items to my winnings page tomorrow :)

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