Saturday, October 31, 2015

Another SuperSavvyCircle Project - Always Discreet

I am a member of SuperSavvyMe (forever to be ref to as SSM) and a part of their review/trial panel SuperSavvyCircle (ref to as SSC)

If you have never been on SSM it's a pretty cool site - a site that offers lots of coupons, freebies, samples and reviews of different products. It's been around for years and is a great place to find out about new products as well as get a discount as it is partners with tonnes of companies.

SSC is a subsection of the site. It runs product tests/trials and allows members to apply to take part in these projects. You don't get paid to take part but you do get the product to try, plus normally some samples to hand out to friends and family and money off coupons.

The latest project I was lucky enough to be selected to take part in is for Always Discreet. Always Discreet is a product for people with bladder sensitivity - for me and you thats us ladies who due to age, medical issues, having kids etc get a little leakage when we laugh, cough, run, exercise or do a hundred other things.  We are not talking full on pee your pants but slightly embarrassing 'dampness'

So why did I want to take part in the project? Well when I had whooping cough two years ago it had quite an impact on me - it caused my ear drums to burst, my ribs to crack and unfortunately my bladder muscles to not be as toned as before. I joined the ranks of hundreds of other women who were afraid to laugh uncontrollably, to jump on a trampoline or to sneeze in public - just in case the force caused a little trickle!

To combat this and the possible side effects of 'wet patches' I will admit to using panty liners - my reasoning being I'm not about to let loose with a full on waterfall of activity so I don't need a massive walk like I am wearing a nappy pad on down there, they are easy and discreet to keep in my handbag and change as needed and they are cheap. The downside to using them is this isnt what they were designed for - so I always have the fear that I am going to smell and wearing them can cause some irritation - they arent designed to lock away urine and urine has acid and acid laying close to your skin can hurt - noone wants red and sore ladybits right?

So when I was offered the opportunity to have some free products designed specifically for bladder sensitivity I jumped (very carefully!) at the chance.

I did wonder very briefly is this something I will be comfortable talking about to other people and then I remembered last year a very long conversation I had with my best friend by text message regarding the colour of her poop and how it compared to mine and the conversations with work colleagues about yes tricklege in the nether regions after having kids (them not me) and I was like what the hell it's not like I hesitate to discuss every other bodily function haha. So yes I applied and got chosen whoop go me and my soon to be cushioned with an always discreet pad lady bits (I have to admit to quite liking that term lady bits and feel it should be used more often in every day conversation along with buttocks but thats an entirely different post)

Today my promised pack of goodies arrived from SSC - it included 3 packs of pads small, medium and large (or as I am going to nickname them, drip, rainstorm and waterfall mwahahaha), some fancy purple bags, some information on bladder sensitivity - why it occurs etc, money off vouchers, ask your friends sheets and most importantly the information book on what you need to do. 

I haven't read through the material yet but based on other projects I am guessing some of the pads are for me and some are for me to give to my friends and family and co-workers etc inside the snazzy purple bags along with the ask a friend sheets and vouchers. 

I plan on reading through the material tomorrow to make sure I have everything organised and then getting on with it so this is just a brief intro and hopefully I will have an updated review once I have had a proper chance to get started :D

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