Monday, October 5, 2015

October Freebies & Wins

I am not expecting a huge amount this month as I was away for pretty much the whole of September however - I may be lucky so figured I would make the page anyways :D As always this is just items that have arrived this month - I may have won them last month or even months ago but I only count them when I have them in my greasy lil hands :P

1. WIN - TPO Goody bag - won this for being one of their first 100 followers on Instagram months ago I am thinking like maybe April time - well it finally turned up :) - magnetic photoframe, mug, sweets, power bank, bag, pen and £10 M&S voucher - worth the wait I think :)

2. WIN - armbands and float from a blog comp (details tbc) they sent me out the wrong items I asked for girls stuff and they sent me a vicious looking shark float and spiderman armbands! PR company is looking into if they made a mistake with the items but either way these are wat arrived NB edited to add I contacted the promoter and they sent me out another set of armbands (picture below) still not the right prize but I have given up now

3. FREEBIE - sample of some benefit eye cream

4. WIN - a fabulous dragon hat ready for supporting Wales in the rugby from webuyanycar on twitter

5. FREEBIE - a sample of face paints

6. WIN 5 x packs of Winnie The Pooh limited edition Huggies Wet Wipes

7. FREEBIE - chanel mascara

8. WIN - 3 x large kilner jars from blog

9. WIN - Wonderoos reusable nappies from babywebsite

10. WIN 2 x tickets to see a Sunny Afternoon in London :) (won these months ago but went to see the show this month)

11. WIN - Japenese bakery set from Lil's Parlour on FB - as I collected in person she also included free entry to a local vintage fair she was at (£2) plus a free slice of her fabulous cake - delicious

12. FREEBIE - Wilkinson Sword 5 blade razor

13. WIN A gorgeous Autumnal Bouquet and mini box of choccies from mypreciousworlds blog :)

14. WIN - Signed by Author and Illustrator - Book for H to review (which wont be for a week or so as she has a stinking cold and is blowing snot bubbles through her nose yuck) from Toppsta on twitter

15. WIN a gorgeous handmade hair bow from handmadefrills won from EssexMums

16. FREEBIE - some nappies and a sachet of fairy fabric softener from SoPost - nappies are perfect the right size for H and the softener will be packed in my case for my hols next year as perfect for doing the laundry to come home with

17. FREEBIE - a kellogs cereal bar (cant remember where from) mum ate it!

18. WIN from the radio times :) a voucher for a free book plus a £15 waterstones voucher for coming runner up in their crossword puzzle

19. WIN 3 x candoo cards of my choice from MadhouseFamilyReviews - I chose ones I could use for D & H for their birthdays next year - these are way cooler than regular cards they come with stickers, puzzles and even board games - they are like a card with a built in activity pack!

20. WIN serene-um calming drops for cats and dogs from Monster Pet Supplies on FB - perfect for my lot with all the fireworks going off!

21. WIN a carbon monoxide alarm that has built in thermometer and other stuff - this came from a blog but I deleted the e-mail and cant remember which one :( sorry blogger I would have loved to have given you credit!

22. WIN - an afternoon tea set consisting of a cool mug, a plate for cookies and a cookie making kit from Brewers Home on FB

23. WIN Essence of Cinnamon from Vegetarian Living comp - this stuff is supposed to keep colds and illness away - I havent tried it yet but will do when it starts getting colder

24. WIN Fab First Aid Kit from NationalAccidentHelpline on Twitter - going in the car

25. WIN Nikwax Basefresh from the quiz on their webbie - you can enter and win once every 2 months - this is going away for my dad for xmas as he's well into the outdoorsy stuff :)

26. WIN - I won a £20 Deichmann voucher that I could use online or in their shops on their FB page - I chose these boots from their webbie and they cost like £19.99 and had free delivery so very pleased with them :D

27. WIN from MaximumPop on Twitter - a signed print of the cover of 'The Rest of Us' by Patrick Ness

28. WIN - a cute canvas tote bag from petit bateau on twitter

29. WIN - So months and months and months ago I won a comp with all in london for some Generation of Z goodies - despite several messages back and forth my prize still hasn't arrived. The last e-mail from them they offered to send me some dvds as an apology for the delay (and insisted that I would still get my prize eventually - it still hasnt turned up!) so they sent me these 4 dvds - not the best horror films but better than nothing and I doubt I will get my actual prize which sucks but there you go

30. WIN 2x odeon cinema tickets from snow leasing on twitter

31. WIN Everly DVD from HeyUGuys - so again I won this ages ago and had to keep chasing the PR company up (they were at fault not HeyUGuys) who gave me all sorts of excuses about how so and so had left, and they ran out of dvds and they didnt send it tracked but had sent it etc. they eventually sent this out - 3 months after I won it - I'm grateful I got it just surprised by how long it actually took

32. WIN Jason and the Argonauts DVD (for some reason I didnt take a photo oops - also from HeyUGuys and arrived within 5 days of winning

33. WIN - EasiYo Yogurt Maker plus 2 sachets of yoghurt to make up - from healthy living webbie - another one I had to chase up but it arrived eventually and I made some yogurt and it tasted AMAZING!

34. WIN counting it as a win anyways :) I am taking part in a product trial for Always Discreet with SuperSavvyCircle

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