Sunday, October 11, 2015

+ 365 Days 248 - 251 Las Vegas

Las Vegas Baby!

Day 248 Sunday
Today we were up at the crack of dawn (literally) to get our transport to the airport - our pick up time was 6.15am so we were up at 5am to shower and get ready and check out.

The drive to the airport was fine check in was fine and the flight was - yes fine!

We arrived in Las Vegas where the heat hit us like a hammer - another hot hot hot location

After getting our luggage we got a cab from the airport to the strip - with 4 of us it was way cheaper to get a cab either way than pay for seats on a coach the cab was only like $15 so we were happy that

We were staying at the Excalibur - hotels in Vegas are not just hotels they are HUGE complexes! I left the others with the luggage and went to check us in. At check - in we scored free upgrades to Tower 1 which is the nicer and most recently refurbed of the towers.

Now I am going to take a second to just grumble slightly here - I am used to the USA having lived there for a year and visited every year since I was 4 years old the concept of tipping is one I am comfortable with but at the Excalibur they will not allow you to use the trollies to take your luggage to your room - you have to either use bell hop services or drag it through the busy casino floor yourself. I find this very annoying and refuse to be held hostage by a dude with a trolley so much to everyones disgust I refused the services of the bell hops and made us drag our luggage to the lifts which wasnt really that far and had slops!

Anyways we got to our rooms and they weren't bad - we had great views over the turrets of the Excalibur and the Luxor Pyramid just beyond.

We had ordered an ecv for my uncle for vegas as we knew there would be tonnes of walking and he wouldnt cope with it. I collected the ecv and managed to crash it in the lift and then I got stuck in a corner and couldnt get out lol eventually some poor guy had to help me carry it out of the lift eep but when my uncle got on it he was fine and could drive it easily.

We unpacked and hit the food court and explored the casino and then went to bed - yeah we are exciting like that :)

Day 249 Monday

Today we did what everyone does when they go to Vegas ...go to Walmart LOL - my uncle has never been and we decided we would take him as we love walmart and even better the labor day sales were  on :) We got a cab there and spent a few hours shopping and got loads of amazing bargains before heading back to the casino and having a go at some of the machines.

We then had an early night because we had a very busy day the next day - we had a trip booked to the Grand Canyon South Rim

Day 250 Tuesday

Today we were again up stupidly early like 5am! for our 6.15am pick up to do our tour.

We were taken to like a depo where we were given wrist bands and taken to the coach which was to be our home for the day.

Our first stop along the way was at MacDonalds! for breakfast we then drove to the Hoover Dam. My niece and I walked up to and over the bridge by the dam - my uncle couldnt quite make it so he and my mum stayed and looked at the information points that were around

We then had another stop at the Grand Canyon Geographical Centre where we had lunch (included in the the tour) and we could have a wander around the information points and tourist shops they had there - this is also where you can see an IMAX movie of the canon which we skipped.

We then moved onto a vantage point of the grand canyon where we could have a wander around and see the actual canyon itself from lots of different vantage points - we had an hour and half here but when we got back to the coach it was broken! They borrowed another bus to take us to the next stop which had loads to see and do and you walk along the canyon rim - we also saw some of the local wildlife which was cool. We were actually here for around 3 hours as they couldnt fix our bus and we had to wait for another bus to come get us.

We then got this bus half way back to Vegas - it stopped at a garage and shop as we then had to get another bus back to Vegas - we had about 45 minutes here which was good as it had food, drinks and toilets.

We then eventually got back to our hotel around Midnight - it was a super long day but worth it the Grand Canyon is truly stunning

Day 251 Wednesday

Today we decided to check out the outlets and do some shopping - we got the bus and spent a few hours shopping there before going back to the hotel. we then went out to explore the strip and other hotels/casinos :) We had a gamble and enjoyed ourselves. It was our last full day in Vegas and my uncle's last day of the holiday too as he was flying back to the UK and we were flying on to Disney World so we all had to go pack and sort our stuff for the following day as well

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