Monday, October 5, 2015

Normal Service to return shortly

So I am back after my nearly a month of travelling and holidays.

I of course had a fantastic time but unfortunately became unwell during the last week or so and needed to see a Dr and get antibiotics and strong painkillers - this didnt stop me doing anything other than swimming though so all was good.

I got back home at 6.30pm Sunday 27th Sept and was back in work at 7.45am on Monday 28th. Despite still being heavily medicated I made it through the week back at work without falling asleep at my desk.

I have now finished my antibiotics and painkillers and within 48 hours of them finishing I am feeling very unwell again. So currently have about enough energy to get to work and come home and nap and slob on the sofa.

So what about the blog? Well I am hoping to do a long catchup post with some photos from the hols over the weekend and then go back to daily/weekly posts :)

I will also hopefully update the wins and freebies page too for September and October (although I didnt get many in September as predicted due to being away and October is looking a wash out too as I dont have the energy to really go for it comping wise)

So normal service should return after the weekend and hopefully I can complete the whole 365 days :D although what I am going to write about once thats done I dont know :P

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