Sunday, October 18, 2015

+ 365 Days 270 - 290

Wow it's taken me ages to catch up - I've had to block the last 3 weeks together as I am so far behind :(


Days 270-276

I was back in work the Monday after my holiday bright and early by 7.45 am thinking I would get loads done...which I would have done if I hadn't forgotten my computer password and our IT dept doesnt open until 9am!!! HA so I basically couldnt really do much at all for over an hour.

My work colleagues had done their best to sort through all my work when I was away so I pretty much spent the first week going through that, through messages and emails and catching up.

The weekend back was spent pretty much sleeping as I still felt pretty rotten from the ear infection and tired from the jetlag although I did go see my big sister and take her pressies for her H and D and my big nephew Josh :)

Positive was getting through the week without falling asleep at my desk :P

Days 277 - 284

Work was pretty much spent sorting out some messes that had been made by people trying to do my job when I wasn't there and making lots of mistakes because it's not something they normally do.

However I had the Wednesday off and tuesday night me and mum got the coach back to London and checked into a hotel for the night - Wednesday we had breakfast in victoria station and then headed to the west end as I had won tickets a while back to see a sunny afternoon a musical based on the life and music of the kinks. As I also had some leisure vouchers I won I booked us a table at planet hollywood for lunch. I have to be honest it wasnt that impressive compared to the ones I have been to in the states but it was still pretty good.

The show itself was amazing - really high energy, very loud and lots of fun and we both really really enjoyed it - mum is now dropping hints she would like to go see the kinks on tour when they come to cardiff next year!

We got the coach back to cardiff and got my car from work where I had left it and then picked up the dog (who was back with my aunty) and got home around midnight - pretty much shattered but after having a good day

Work for the rest of the week was much the same.

Saturday comprised of washing and shopping and cleaning and then on sunday we went to a vintage fair :)

I won a comp on fb for this cool japanese cake kit and it turned out the company i won it from was going to be at the fair - when I heard this I told them I would come collect my prize to save them postage costs - they are a small business and you know I live in Cardiff anyways it made sense. So they got me free entry to the fair and gave me a free slice of cake when I came to collect my prize too :D perfect

Lots of positives - a lovely time in london, a fab show, free cake :D

Days 285 - 290

So lots of changes have been on the cards for work for a while. One of them was my supervisor changing which was okay. I had an informal sickness review with her and my old supervisor and I think it went okay. I will have to wait and see.

This week I have been broke, skint and brassick - thankfully it's not long until payday.

After a hectic 2 weeks following the hols - I haven't really done all that much. A meal out with my uncle, a lot of cleaning (I cleaned the whole fan/light fitting in the living room - I didnt even know there were that many dead flies up there!) etc. I have also slowly been getting back into comping again and won a few prizes which made me happy - although I have also had a few prizes not show up and had to chase it up with the companies which makes me less happy!

I have spent a bit of time looking up different hotels and flights and stuff for next year trying to decide what we are doing - hopefully new york for a week and then orlando for 2

I also read The Sheppard's Crown - Terry Pratchett's last book and I cried. Seriously I dont know what the hell is wrong with me - I hardly ever cry but within a few pages I was bawling. He killed off one of my favourite characters - it was like he knew he was dying and maybe he knew it was coming soon so he went out with a bang. Anyways no spoilers here but it's another truly brilliant book by him - the last he wrote and he didnt live to see it published. I'd highly recommend it to anyone and although I doubt anyone else was blubbering over it I'd keep some tissues handy - just in case

This weeks positive is that I actually feel like I am back into the swing of things now - it doesnt normally take me quite so long to get over a holiday but I think the infection coupled with jet lag hit me a lot harder than usual

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