Saturday, October 31, 2015

+365 days 299 - 303

Day 299 - Tuesday

Nothing really happened today - it was just one of those days that you kinda sleep through. I didnt do anything interesting, nothing interesting happened, work was work and home was home and that's it.

But sometimes you need a banal nothing happening sort of day - having things happening all the time can be exhausting so yay for banality!

The new cat tree arrived and I put it together and the cats all love it which is good.

Today's positive is just that I put the cat tree together without any difficulty and the manic mogs actually liked it...after I sprayed it with catnip that is!

Day 300 - Wednesday

Today I had my diabetic and general health blood tests done - I really hate having bloods taken not because I am bothered by needles (having injected myself for a couple of years and having to finger prick test for the last 14 years needles hold little in the way for fear for me), no I hate it because I have stupidly small veins which are too deep and they often struggle to find a viable vein to use - at one appointment they tried both crook of the arms (is that the right word? you all know what I mean the normal place they take it from), they tried from my feet, behind my knees, wrists and finally got it from the back of my hands - I was bruised, in pain and then it took ages to stop the bleeding and they didnt take enough blood to test but I had nowhere left for them to take it from so had to go home lick my wounds and go back a week later to try it all again! And these tests arent just one vial either they usually take between 8-10 of them. I normally end up with a really nasty bruise too thats massive so yeah I wasn't looking forward to meeting the phlebotomist so when I rocked up I was greeted by the health care assistant who was doing my bloods.

She was actually really nice, took time to find a decent vein before just ramming the needle in and generally did an amazing job, one stab and jab and that was it - when she finished the bleeding stopped really quickly and hardly a mark. A couple of hours later a tiny bruise came out but nothing compared to what I normally get. I have decided its the healthcare assistant all the way in the future lol no more stab happy phlebo's for me!

Anyways now it's just a case of waiting for the test results. I am expecting them to be bad - I'm not sure how bad but seeing's how they look at the last 3 months and one of these was spent travelling in the USA it's just a miracle I dont have maple syrup running through my veins. I'm gonna get a bollocking from the diabetic specialist but thats saved for 2 weeks time so I guess I can just wait and see how awful they are. I should probably be more worried about my glucose levels than I am - I should also have carried on losing weight but I havent. I weighed myself and I think I have remained roughly the same which is good (all the walking on the holiday counteracted the fast food!).

So today's positive is the delightful health care assistant who is now going to be my best friend for all future bloods!

Day 301 - Thursday

So today kinda sucked in work for lots of reasons and it has just highlighted that I really do need a new job. I am completely in a rut and I really dont enjoy what I do anymore. I dont want to go into loads of details I am sure there is some kind of non social media / blog disclosure policy I havent heard of that will get me fired if I do! Let's just say I am not a fan of my new supervisor's rules and policies which are different to my previous supervisors ones. My previous supervisor looked at my role within my team only and therefore had no issue with when I booked my holidays, or with me taking advantage of the companies annual leave buy back scheme. My new supervisor looks at me as part of a team of admin people and therefore has issues with when I take annual leave and whether I can buy back annual leave or not. Having been in the job for 10 years and suddenly having this change is unsettling.

I have made some half-hearted attempts at applying for jobs but havent really been doing it seriously I have just been coasting but I really need to get my ass into gear and actually start looking properly and making a serious effort to apply not just chucking in last minute applications.

So whilst today was quite unsettling I probably needed it. For so long I have been saying yeah I need to find a new job but not been doing anything about it. The fact is I DO need a change of job and it may mean a pay cut in the short term but thats okay I can cut back on stuff. I have worked out my finances and I can take a job thats up to £5000 less a year if needed and still live okay - it will mean cutting back on some things but I know I can do it and knowing I can manage on a lower salary means I can start looking at jobs outside of the area I am currently working in.

So today's positive is making that decision - I need a new job and I will take a paycut if it means a job which has prospects for progression and training! Now to find myself one ...

Day 302 - Friday

Today was a half day in work for me which was good as I had to babysit H for a while as my sis had to have some tests done. We just chilled and watched TV I had a banging headache so didnt really want to do much else.

I also got some flowers I won delivered today. I was going to give them to my sister but as my mum has been a bit down since the holidays (she struggles with depression in the winter so it's not a surprise) I gave them to her instead.

They seemed to cheer her up which is good.

I also got a message from a friend to say our work colleague has had her twins. They arrived early as often happens with twins and the one was taken to scibu but over all a very good result for mum and the babies - they were okay weights and all seem to be doing well :)

Today's positive - happy mum and new babies awww sweet

Day 303 - Saturday - HALLOWEEN :)

Today is Halloween and its also the end of the month. If you enter comps like I do the end of the month is kinda a big deal - usually every day theres around 200 competitions closing but at the end of the month it can be anything from 500-1000 comps closing. Now sensible people (people other than me then!) do a few eom (end of month) comps each day so when it comes to the last day they dont have loads to do. Me I like to live on the wild side and so entered 500 comps today phew! Some of them actually closed at midnight so I missed them and there are loads run by spammy/scammy companies that I skipped too. Anyways am pleased I did most of them and hopefully I will win a few good prizes to put buy for Christmas for people and for the cat charity to sell and also for my friends raffle for neuro-rehab fundraising too.

As it's also Halloween when I took the dog for a walk I popped into the little Tesco to get some sweets just in case we had some trick or treaters - I also called in the charity shop seeing's how I was up that way and got a couple of dvds and 5 books (all in all I spent £3 on everything :) )

We didn't get any trick or treaters so I ate the sweets myself - thats what I call a win win situation.

I also managed to do all the comps closing tomorrow so I am going to kick back and have an early night tonight as tomorrow I have the fun task of giving the litter trays their weekly full clean and bleach and my mum was muttering about doing the garden - I'm allergic to most plants so that will be fun. I also plan on spending some time working on my cv, reading up on how to write a good personal statement and looking for jobs :)

Today's positive was probably finding a complete set of Robin Hobb books (trilogy) in the charity shop - I have read them before but a long time ago I think when I was in uni so over 15 years ago now so it will be nice to re-read them :D

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