Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Job :)

So I have been really quite on the blogging front - apart form a couple of posts about the Braun IPL and about comping / reviews you haven't heard much from me.

The reason for this is that during January I was applying for a new job - it closed at the end of Jan and it took me ages to complete the application form and update my CV and stuff.

Throughout February I was stressing about not getting short listed - this lasted until the end of February when I got invited for an interview.

At the beginning of March I was stressing about the interview. Then in the middle of March I found I got the job :) BUT the HR team took until the end of March to send out my provisional offer letter (subject to checks).

At the beginning of April I had completed all the checks and thought everything was fine...but as it is for a different Healthboard to the one I currently work for I had to see Occ Health. I arranged the appointment and travelled like over an hour to get to their head quarters for my appointment. When I got there I met with a nurse who made me feel woefully inadequate, who came out with wonderful comments like - "well your diabetic so changing office might cause you to go into a hypoglycaemic attack" and "you have migraines? you might faint" or a personal favourite "you had a perforated ear drum? well you cant use phones". At the end of the consultation I was starting to think I should go for a PIP assessment as clearly they didnt consider me fit for work!

I explained the situation to my new manager who told me I would be getting a phone call to have a consultation with a dr/consultant. A few days later I hadnt heard anything so I called them and they had no availability until mid May - I may at this point have lost the will to live and work!

Happily at the end of April I was squeezed into a cancellation review by phone and the Dr after 5 minutes said there was no reason I couldnt work - YES. He wrote a letter confirming this.

Which brings us to the first week of May - HR contacted my manager to say I passed all the checks, she contacted me to arrange a start date and I handed in my notice.

I will be starting my new job the second week of June nearly 5 months after applying.

I am now feeling a lot calmer and a lot more like I can relax and get back into the joys of comping, reviewing,updating my wins and reviews list and of course blogging in general :)

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