Sunday, May 8, 2016

Braun IPL Project with SavvyCircle - Post 3 - An update

So let me start by saying I am still loving this Braun IPL  for my legs. I now have pretty much baby smooth legs without the need to shave - I am actually dropping down to just 2 weekly sessions on them with the IPL now as I am not needing to shave! and who knows I may even be able to drop to one monthly session eventually.

However - tragically for me I have had an issue with using it on my underarms!

So I wrote about how I stupidly used the IPL on my underarms when I had stubble and that it was pretty painful at the time but I carried on. This was a BIGGGGGG mistake.

At the time my armpits were sore when I used the IPL but felt fine after - but like the next day I noticed some red patches - which got worse for the next 3 days - it looks like I have somehow managed to set off a reaction - so I have had to stop using the IPL until the skin on my under arms fully heals. It's been 2 weeks and there are still pinkish red marks there so I am going to leave it another week before I start the programme all over again.

I am so annoyed about this - it's my own fault and not down to the IPL at all the literature tells you to shave prior (although in fairness it doesnt say how long prior).  It's particularly frustrating as I was starting to see results on my underarms too - slower regrowth, less thick and less coarse hair.

I am also going to be biting the bullet and trying it on my bikini line - I have to be honest the thought of a super hot laser pointed at my lady bits would generally fill me with terror but having used the IPL and knowing how it works I feel much more confident about giving it a go :)

So overall, I'd happily recommend the Braun IPL particularly if  you are very hirsute (loving that word for those who dont know it means proper hairy!) or spend a lot of time and money getting waxed, laser treated, plucked, bleached or shaved! Obviously you need to check before buying that you match the skin tone / hair colour guide and if you shop around you can currently pick the IPL up for around £300. The product itself is supposed to have a life span of around 2 years so if you break that down to a monthly cost thats around £12.50 a month - much cheaper than salon treatments and much more convenient as well.

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