Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Calmurid Pro - Product Trial with the Insiders - Post 1 - an introduction

I'm a big fan of The Insiders - to read more about how to sign up and take part check out my page on reviewing items here.

I've been chosen to take part in previous campaigns so when the chance came up to sign up for a new campaign working with a product aimed at dry skin I was straight in and applying.

I have really dry skin - I always have - my GP has prescribed me E45 which is okay but it doesn't work hugely well on my feet or legs.

The campaign is for a product called Calmurid Pro - a product for sensitive dry skin.

After applying for and getting selected to take part in the trial I was anxiously awaiting my parcel from them. It arrived over a week ago but I am a bit late posting this :)

When it arrived I was really impressed by the amount of goodies and information sent

The parcel contained:

  • 25 x 10ml samples with an information guide and £3 off vouchers to use at boots

  • An Insiders Guide book with all the need to know information about the products and how to use them and demonstrate them to family, friends and colleagues :)
  • A pad of ask your friend sheets - these are great to hand out with the samples - so you can get feedback easily from those who you give the samples  too.
  • A wheel showing which product is best for each skin type

  • Some Insiders business cards to hand out to people who want to know how to join in their campaigns
  • Full size products for me to use :) So us campaigners get full sized products to trial (which is awesome!) for this trial we get the Body Lipolotion and the Moisturising Hand Cream

  • A spritzer bottle - this confused me slightly as the bottle top had a long like double the size of the bottle straw bit? But after speaking to people on the campaign blog I just cut it down to fit the bottle and it's ready to use. This is to show people how you can rub the cream into your skin and it locks in the moisture and it doesnt come off easily

So as you can see thats a HUGE amount of goodies and reading and passing out of samples and trying out stuff I have to do - phew.

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