Saturday, May 21, 2016

Countdown to the new job :)

My countdown is on - I have 2 weeks left in my current job - but thats equal to 8 days as there is a bank holiday and I have a day annual leave too.

After waiting so long for the clearance from Occ health it seems like now its come through the time to finish is coming around wayyyyy more quickly.

I have a couple of things planned.

I had my leaving do last night - I wanted to do something different to the usual meal out so I arranged to go to Go Air which is a massive indoor trampolining park. It cost £10 for an hour session plus you have to buy socks which cost £2 but can be reused several times (until the grips wear out).

Here's a pic of the socks - the only photo we took all night oops

I wish I had taken photos but your not supposed to have anything in your pockets and we were having way too much fun to stop to go get photos of each other.

So  basically Go Air has like a massive block of trampolines all joined together and surrounded by a wall of trampoline like things - you can jump on a single trampoline, jump from one trampoline to the other and jump into the sides and stuff. They also have a smaller area set up in a similar way but surrounded by netting where you play dodge ball, 2 long strips where you run and slam dunk basketballs (this was out of order when we went boo!) and a giant foam pit (more about that in a bit)

As we were there kinda early it was mainly kids - I think there were like 4 other adults playing but it didnt bother us.

We started off on the individual trampolines - I swear I managed a height of around 12 foot at one point - I bravely tried to bounce from my trampoline to the one in front but didnt quite make it landing squarely inbetween the too and looking a bit of a dick but oh well - when your built like homer simpson and wobbling on a trampoline your already surpassing alll dickness of appearance so it was fine.

We got brave and decided to face the foam pit. The foam pit was set up with 2 low trampolines that you bounce down towards the pit and then jump into it, there is then a solid platform above 2 trampolines that you can jump from the platform onto the trampoline and then fling yourself into the foam pit and then there is another 2 low ones with like a rope ladder. The foam as well its not like shaving foam but big cubes of foam material.

Anyways we watched a bunch of like 7 year olds doing crazy flips and stuff into the pit and decided to give it a go.... my mate went first and chickened out...then another and chickened out so I was like c'mon guys outta the way lemme show you how its done! So I jumped and jumped and bounced and wobbled my way down the trampoline to the very end... I continued to bounce building height and speed and then ... I looked into the pit and chickened out!!!! So as not to completely lose face I stepped up to the end of the trampoline and bunny hopped into the pit and thats when it went wrong for me.

The foam cubes were like quick sand sucking me down - I bravely crawled at the pace of a snail whilst my friends literally wet themselves laughing and mocking me!!!!!! Half way to the edge with the end in site I lost my sock and could feel my leggings being pulled down too. So I had to make an 'adjustment' and dig in the foam for my sock. As I continued to crawl to the edge my dignity (as if) in shatters my obvious shame did not bother the girls and they decided to give it ago too.

They had as little success as me so we went back to the individual trampolines!

The girls then mastered landing on their bums and back up to their feet - I couldnt actually manage that!

After a quick wee (I swear they should have been playing Taylor Swift in there and instead of Shake it off it should have been shake it out!) and a drink we decided to brave the foam pit again - it had pretty much the same results as previously except one of the girls tripped on the edge and did an impressive and unexpected forward somersault! As she tried to escape the foam it managed to such one of her boobs out through the gap by her armpit! Bwahahaha that didnt happen to me because I wore 2 sports bras - I couldnt breath but damn you could balance drinks on my boobs!

After the joy of trampolining we met up with another load of work people who had decided to leave the tena lady at home and skip the trampolining. As lots of people have kids I had suggested that we go to the Harvester which was next door to Go Air and said anyone with kids was welcome to bring them. The Harvester is relatively cheap, does kids meals and is kid friendly which is great. This turned out pretty good the kids were all well behaved and got on, we all had a great meal and chatted and just had a good time.

I have a few other things planned for work before I leave including:

- a letter box cake I won from baker days :) I went for an emoticon one with a picture of the poo emoji on it because it's a bit shitty I am leaving my awesome team and they are gonna miss me (although it is awesome to be going to a job that pays more money!)

- cakes and pinata - I won £30 of credit with a party supplies company I got a bunch of stuff ready for H's birthday in August (I was originally going to get stuff for D's birthday in April but they took literally weeks to get my prize code and then like 4 weeks to deliver my items!) but I also got a monkey pinata which I am filling with sweets and make up samples and freebies. I am sure the girls in work will enjoy it ( I do have one male colleague and whilst he might not enjoy the make up he has teen daughters and eats sweets non stop! so am sure it will be fine)

I also have a lot of work to do before I finish - there doesnt appear to be any cover for me and there are changes being made to the various admin teams so I want to make sure they are as well prepared for not having any admin support for a while as they can be.

I also have a hand over to do as well with the community lead.

So yeah 8 working days left and then that's it!

I'm not going to lie I am a bit scared about the new job - I worry about things like I wont be able to do it, or the people wont like me, or I'll do something hugely embarrassing on the first day and run away never to return! I come across as a really confident person but I am really not - the more uncertain of a situation I am the louder and ore confident I appear.

But I am also quite excited and looking forward to meeting the new people, seeing my office and finding out exactly what I am doing

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