Friday, May 13, 2016

Calmurid Pro - The Insiders Project - Post 2 - Use & Results?

I have been using the Calmurid Pro Body Lipolotion and Hand cream daily.

My big areas of concern have been my lower legs, feet and hands.

The Calmurid Pro products sit comfortably on the skin and create a barrier between your skin and the outside world not only rehydrating the skin but also protecting it. The protection is so complete it is easily demonstrated using the spray bottle provided in the Insiders project kit :

1. take a small amount of lotion and rub it into your skin

2. Using the provided spray bottle (filled with water) spray the water onto your skin

3. Check out how the water beads on your skin rather than sinking into it

4. Take a paper towel and wipe away the water - the skin remains moisturised and unaffected 

So onto my trial :)

My feet are kinda manky - I am not a fan of feet anyways but mine have a lot of dry skin and cracking especially over the heel area - this is probably due to the fact I live in sandals and flipflops as soon as a single ray of sunshine appears.

I decided based on previous experience of using products that I would use the hand cream on my feet - I have done this previously and it has worked a lot better than body lotion.

Before using the hand lotion I washed my feet and then used my pedi to remove any loose and hard skin before wiping them over with a wet wipe and then drying. 

As you can see from the pics below - they were not looking good - very dry, off coloured and cracking too! The dry skin goes down around my ankle, over my heel completely and down over the sole as well.

Pre-cream (day 1)

Pre-Cream (day 1)
I then applied a pea sized amount of the cream directly to my heel and worked it into the skin.  I did not like the feel of the cream but that is the norm for me. It took a while to work into the skin and left my feet feeling very slippery! NB dont try walking on laminate for about 5 mins after applying cream to your feet!!!!

I repeated this for 3 days - I started to notice results from the first application and by day 3 there was a significant difference. The heel looked a more normal skin tone colour (rather than the yellow tinge), the dry flaking skin was significantly reduced and they just looked so much better.

Post-cream (day 3)

Post-cream (day 3)
I have been using the body lotion on my arms and legs as well - both feel smooth and my skin looks more revitalised and fresh although admittedly the results are not as photo worthy as the difference in the feet.

Unfortunately I havent been able to trial the hand cream fully on my hands due to a rather nasty burn I managed to give myself. (I have cream from the hospital to use on it so can't mix and match them yet), it is nearly healed though so I hope to properly trial the hand cream from next week 

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