Saturday, February 20, 2016

Weeks 2 & 3

So I am still alive I've just had a bit of a crazy month so far.

I've had lots of medical appointments and work meetings plus a fair amount of bad news.

So lets start with the bad news and get it out of the way and then move on:

1. I was wrong about my weight I actually weighed more than I thought - gutted! I weighed in at 92kgs at the GP's 2 weeks ago - happily at my weigh-in this week I am down to 90kgs so I am losing weight which is good but the starting point was higher than expected (I blame christmas!)

2. My blood test results werent as good as expected (going to blame christmas for that too) so my meds have been increased which has left me feeling a bit rubbish - I'm under a 3 month review so hopefully at the review my results will be better and I can start to reduce them again.

3. My aunty's hubby was feeling poorly over Xmas -  he was sadly diagnosed with small cell cancer throughout and passed away 4 weeks later. My aunty and his kids are obviously devastated by the whole thing - the funeral was well done with the kids stepping up. Sadly my aunty is also poorly with stage 4 lung cancer so her kids are really going through it right now.

4. My lovely neighbour passed away unexpectedly - I spoke to her like 2 days before she died and she was her usual bubbly self it's  really shocked me she was only in her late 30 and she leaves behind an 18 year old daughter and a her hubby.

So yes thats been my last 2 weeks :(

On the plus side :)

- I've sold a bunch of stuff on ebay and put £165 into savings for the holidays :)
- I paid off the last of the Forrest Holidays so thats completely paid up for July
- I've been doing lots of reviews for amazon so getting lots of great items for free or reduced :)
- went to see a local amdram production - great thing about am dram stuff is tickets are usually under £10 whereas you go to the proper 'professional' productions its usually double or triple the cost. The show was pretty good it was Eric ( Terry Pratchett novel) I enjoyed it although I think my friend found it a tad confusing - if you havent read the book it is a bit strange to watch the production as your missing out on the background info.

That's kind of it really - Next weekend I am going to the dance off thing - a couple of us are going in 80's costumes.

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