Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Vidal Sassoon Salonist - Project with TRND

I recently applied to take part in a project on a site called TRND. The project is basically the chance to try out a product for free in return for providing honest feedback, telling your family, friends, colleagues and filling in some feedback sheets and surveys.

It took a little while for my stuff to come through but when it did I had a great information pack and 3 boxes of different dyes. One for me and 2 for me to give out to family / friends to try.

In the information they provide they have various suggestions for spreading the word and trying out the products provided. I decided to hold a dye party with some older family members (as they are keen to hear from older ladies with regards to the dyes).

I decided to offer to do my mum (age 65) and my aunt (age 70) hair and also invited my older sister (age 44) to come around and help, keep them entertained.

We have all been using hair dye for years but as this is one not used before I arranged to sort out the patch tests.

To do the patch test is simple. Add a small amount of each part of the dye into a container - mix well, apply using a ear bud to your arm (about the size of a 10p) leave on for 45 minutes and rinse off. Thn check it 48 hours later - if no reaction your good to go. We actually did a slightly shorter patch test in I did the patch test at around 10am on the Friday and we had our dye party at 7pmish on the Saturday.

Unfortunately, my aunty had a bit of a reaction to the dye (her skin went red and a bit itchy) so we decided that she would not have her hair done after all just to reduce the chance of her having an actual full on reaction .

Saturday night and everyone was pretty keen to see how well the dye worked.

I decided to do my hair first.

STEP 1.- Unpacking the box:

In the box you have:
- good quality gloves - these were a great quality (which meant that later on when I actually had my hands covered in dye it didnt go through to my fingers)
- a mixing tray and brush for mixing up the dye
- the 2 mixing items (red VS1 tube and white bottle in pic) used for the first step - doing your roots and hair line
- the extra agent you add when you are getting ready to do the rest of your hair (red sachet in pic)
- conditioner - this is supposed to last 6 washes but I personally found it run out after 4 (silver tube)

STEP 2 - Mixing it up

Pour contents of red tube and white bottle into the tray and mix with the brush (making sure to wear gloves)

It's quite difficult to mix and starts off looking like cottage cheese but eventually goes smooth and paste like

STEP 3 - doing the roots and edges

This is actually much more difficult than it looks on the instructions!

You need to use around 3/4 of mix and leave 1/4 for later

Once the top and parting and roots are done then you do the underneath at the back and around the edges

Pretty sure I *never* look like this when I get it done at the hairdressers LOL

You then need to leave this on for like 10 minutes.

After 10 mins its on to

STEP 4 - the all over cover

You need to pour the red sachet into the tray and get mixing again with the left over mix.

You then basically get a few handfuls and rub it into your hair - like shampoo! cover it all - make sure it's all  done!

Again you have to leave this on to set for around 30 mins this time.

Following this you wash it under water until the water runs clear, then wash with a mild shampoo and rinse. You then apply some conditioner. Leave the conditioner on for a couple of minutes (I left it  on for 10 mins as I always find my hair needs that extra time to absorb the conditioner) and rinse, dry and style.

The whole process took around 1 hour 15 mins which is a LOT longer than I normally spend dying my hair at home.

The results are pretty good:



As you can see prior  to my dying my hair it was a faded reddy pink colour - fairly light on the top and dark to the bottom.

The dye pretty much covered all the colour with a mostly even tone (a little lighter again at the top).

Overall I am pleased with it.

Due to the fact its quite complicated I actually had to do my mum's hair for her as she found the process difficult. Her colour came out really well and she is very pleased with it too.

Would I recommend this?  - I think if you are looking to get a decent colour and coverage its a good product but it takes longer than most dyes and it also needs 2 people to really get it done properly.


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